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Wikipoint chosen for running the Romics 2020 (Brazil, USA, Canada) with the Virtual Exhibition format.

The Romics 2020 exposition is now live, making use of the ‘Virtual Exhibition format.’ Check how Wikipoint has designed a unique user experience by mixing elegant interior designing and interactive content.

ROMICS 2020 (Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Porto Alegre) See an example ROMICS 2020 (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, Chicago, Toronto) See an example

Why Wikipoint


Jun 15, 2020

What makes the exhibition memorable?

We tell you how it is possible to design a 'virtual exhibition' through Wikipoint, keeping all the features that contribute tocreating unforgettable events.

May 15, 2020

Let's restart safely!

Wikipoint creates your free digital brochure (in Italian and English), which you can order by simply filling out a form and explaining to your customers the preventive measures you have adopted. To join, fill in the form below:

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